Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why We Came to the Southern Half

 Wow, we have almost been away three weeks now.  One of the hardest things is being separated from TJ.  I am trying to give twice the hugs to the kids.
Originally we were all going to go to Paris, which had been in planning stages since July 2012.  

Some time early this year my mum said she would love to see us, her grand kids that is, again soon, I was welcome to chaperone.  She gets concerned the kids will forget who she is... well that is the guilt trip I hear.  The last time we saw them was when they came to stay two years ago, in July 2011.  And the last time we all came out to New Zealand, we still had a lap-sitter on the plane (read: reduced fare), Carson was 17 months, Delaney 3 1/2, and Charlie was still Charlotte ( or maybe CharChar), she was 7.  TJ and I were 30-somethings! 

Us traveling to NZ is the only way we can get together now due to my Dad's heart condition, and the fact that we live at 7200" in Los Alamos.  Last visit he ended up visiting the cardiologist and getting an oxygen tank to use sleeping.

We discussed it for a few weeks before we decided what to do, trying to weigh out how we could make it happen, and deciding what would be the best thing to do.  Basically, until I win Lotto, we cannot do two big international trips with all five of us in a minimum of 2yr span.  I plan to play lotto while I am here though, and with a win, TJ can jetset over to see Charlotte's year 6 performance at Rototuna Primary school in late September.  

I have always wanted for the kids to know more about their New Zealand DNA, by spending more time than a 3 week Christmas visit.  To be connected to the New Zealand side of their family, including grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and 2nd cousins.  To become familiar with the New Zealand lifestyle, get to know the countryside, the subtle cultural differences living in another English-speaking western country, where their roots are.  
They are certified, passport carrying kiwis.  We thought it would really give meaning to that in their lives, after this experience of growing up kiwi for 5 months, in place of an international school experience in France.  With this being Charlotte's last year in Elementary school, and Carson getting to start school, it also seemed like the opportune time.  

For me, I have reached a transition in my life having been home with 1 or 2 preschoolers for the last 8years, and now having the youngest start school.  So when people ask what I am going to be doing, I really don't have anything lined up.  Unfortunately I have not been able to run for almost 3 months now because of an injury.  I brought along my violin though, which I am not that good at, but I'd really like to be better, and play more fiddle style tunes.  So I am playing most days and I figure in 40 more years of regular playing, I could possibly be a decent fiddle player, and it will also be something I can continue to enjoy even with plantar fasciitis, calf tears, etc.  into my 70's 80's and beyond.  

I am going to be organizing our October holidays trip to the South Island, which is going to include train tickets, Inter-island Ferry tickets, a rental car....and an itinerary!