Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Run at New Zealand Cross Country Champs

On Friday I helped out my former Harriers club, the Hamilton City Hawks, set up the course for the New Zealand Cross Country Champs at Minougue Park.  It is a grassy 2k loop, first 1k flat, 2nd K rolling with 3 good hills.  It has the potential to be a muddy bog if there is any rain, which was forecast for all day Saturday.

However we woke up to clear blue skies! So I asked Charlotte  if she would like to do the kids 2k fun run? 2k is approximately 1and1/4 miles.  Of course she always wants to jump in a race opportunity these days, and Delaney wanted to do it too.  I was hesitant to let Delaney do it, she didn't do daily run-and-walk all year at school like Charlotte's grade did, it could end up being a long walk by herself.  But there was a 45 minute limit, so I thought she could manage that, and really, there is no arguing with Delaney once she has her mind set on doing something.

The fun run had a very small field, a mix of the under 12 kids doing one lap and older kids and adults doing 2 laps (4k/2.5 miles) or 3 laps (6k/3.75miles).  Perhaps 30 or 40 people altogether on the start line.  I think the kids got a kick out of running on a loop fully roped and flagged on both sides, it looks very official, and the finish line is set up for Nationals, it definitely looks like a important race!

They had a blast!  It appears they took off too fast in the first 200m straight, but even I am still learning not to do this, lol.  But they both managed to run strong for the entire 2k.  So I was happy and surprised for Delaney, and Charlotte seems to be learning her own pace well.

Results aren't posted until Tuesday

I went back in the afternoon to watch are very exciting race in the Women's New Zealand National Championship 8k.
1st Nicki Hamblin
2nd Annika Pfitzinger. (Daughter of Pete and Chrissy Pfitzinger, both Olympians. Pete used to have a monthly column in Running Times)
3rd Holly vanDalen. (Stony Brook U, NY, All-American)