Saturday, August 17, 2013

Run for your lives!

Apparently I'm too late.  The little aliens have spread all over the city.  They've been reportedly escaping (or invading, not sure of the source) since 1998 when they first appeared around Bastille.  As there are now thousands of them throughout Paris (a couple more pictured below) I'm afraid this city might be lost.  And it doesn't stop there.  There have been sitings in major cities all over the world, and they apparently currently inhabit the Hollywood sign in California.  After having countless sitings since my promenade around the 11th and 12th arr. last weekend I have stopped taking pictures of them so as avoid being reported to their leaders as a hostile entity.  I need to keep a low profile now if I am to monitor their activities.  Here are a couple I saw in Belleville (in the 11th) the other day.

Actually I lied.  This first one is just around the corner from me on the way to Bastille.  He's one of the larger ones I've seen.  Size and proximity to the location of the original sitings tell me this one's been around a while.  A smaller one surveying a street corner in Belleville is below.
I might just need to man the lookout at Parc Belleville myself.  It's one of the higher points in Paris and should give me a good vantage point from which to watch for more of these invasive alien blockheads.  See for yourself (Parc Belleville photo below).  Proximity to Bastille is also good here, though as that seems to be the point of origin I may run the danger of being over-run.
These petits etrangers (little foreigners in French) are certainly not stupid.  They have infiltrated our internet (you know, that series of pipes) and have setup a nice cover story for their appearances.  Apparently they are claiming to be the innocent product of a local Parisian street artist who has posted additional "art" projects in other cities he has visited.  I'm not so sure.  Until this is cleared up, rest assured I will be watching.

To see their cover story for yourself visit the "artists" page:

or their wikipedia page to see just how extensive this coverup is: