Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day at the Beach

This post was authored by Charlotte: 

On the weekend we went to Ohope beach. We jumped the waves and some of us got soaking wet! It's still winter so we couldn't go swimming. We also built a few sand castles and wrote messages in the sand to our dad. The beach is on the Pacific Ocean, it was exciting  beacause we don't go to the beach very often because in New Mexico  we live 901 miles from the Pacific Ocean. We also went fishing at the harbor. But we didn't catch any fish :(, it was still fun though :) because we got to see other people's fish that they caught .

The tide came up and swept the castle away

View of Whale Island from Ohope Beach

Carson building the sandcastle

The water was just warm enough to jump the waves


Message to Dad

Harbor Side

Going to the beach was fun! And I can't wait to go again:)